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During 15th & 16th February 2016


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Inaugural Session

ICSSR Sponsored Two day national seminar on ‘Integrating ICT for Quality Sustenance in Teaching, Learning  and Evaluation’ begun on 15th February 2016 at 9 A.M. at Aligarh Muslim University Centre, Malappuram, Kerala.

Coordinator of the seminar Mr.Naseerali M.K. welcomed the gathering. The inaugural session was chaired by the Hon.Director. of the Centre Dr.H.Abdul Azeez. He highlighted the needs of the hour in teaching learning. The session was blessed with the presence of the Vice Chancellor of University of Calicut Dr.K.Mohammed Basheer. In his inaugural speech he highlighted the term QUALITY in the theme of the seminar. He opined the quality doesn’t come all on a sudden. It doesn’t come as a biproduct. It’s the end product of a series of systematic, planned and deliberate effort. Students are the pivot of all the institutions, on which the institution itself, teaching, non teaching staff are depended. So the teachers must be able to treat pupils as their own children. He congratulated the organizing team and the partcipants of this seminar.

Prof.A.Sudharma, Former Dean and Director, Faculty of Education, Mahathma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala delivered the key note address on ‘Bridging Epistemologies of Quality Culture of Learning Through Information Technology Orientation’.  How does the quality of Teaching-Learning is improved through the use of Information Communication Technology was explained in detail by her wonderful presentation. The various trends in education researches were also highlighted.

Mr.Sayed Ahamed Saad, Coordinator, Department of Management, AMU Centre Malappuram, Dr.Sameer Babu M. Coordinator, Department of Education, AMU Malappuram, Mrs.Naseema P.K. Assistant Professor, Department of Law, AMU Centre, Malappuram facilitated the programme and extended their full hearted support to the programe committee. Mr.Mohammed Rashid C., Convenor, ICT Committee delivered the vote of thanks.

Session 1: Theme Presentation

In the Session 1, at 11.15 A.M., Dr.S.Senthlnathan, Assistant Professor (Senior), Department of Educational Technolgy, Bharathidasan University, Tamilnadu made a presentation on the topic ‘Learning goes Digital…! What about Teaching…?’, in this session, he gave a clear picture on various technologies used in formal, non formal, and informal ways of learning. He demonstrated some of the Technology assisted teaching-learning platforms. As an expert in Educational Technology, he explained the ways of digitalising the class rooms. He lead an active discussion on various queries asked by the participants. The session ended at 12.15 P.M.


Short Break for Refreshment

A ten minutes break was arranged. Tea and Snacks were provided to the participants.


Session 2: Paper Presentations

Various papers were presented by the participants namely, Azim Amin Mohammed, Meharunnisa Karadan, Muhammed KV, and Jayaprakash R.K.. Prof.Dr.A.Sudharma chaired the session. The presenters were enlightened with her valuable comments and suggestions.  The session lasted till 01.15 P.M. Mrs.Blessytha Kamarudheen honoured Prof. Sudharma with Shall. Mr.Naseerali M.K. handed over the Certificate and Memento to her.



All the participants were provided a delicious lunch with a choice of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian.


Session 3: Theme Presentation

At 2.15, in Session 3, Dr.Reni Francis, Assistant Professor, Pillais College of Education and Research, Chembur, Mumbai made an informative presentation on ‘Digital Landscapes: Capacity Building towards TLE for the 21st Century’. She made the sessions rich by presenting Capacity building techniques towards the effective teaching, learning and education. The reasons for integrating ICT in education are clearly described by her.  The ways of expanding educational opportunities through the use of technology is also discussed.  The discussion after the presentation was highly active. The session ended at 3.15 P.M.


Session 4: Paper Presentations (Two Parallel Sessions)

In Session 4, we had two parallel sessions, one at Room No.: 20, and the other at Room No. 16 of the Centre. The sessions started at 3.30 P.M.

In room no. 20, papers were presented by Mr.Fasalul Abid CM, Mrs.Febin Sithara, Sindhu C.M. and  Dr.Malini P.M.. Dr.Reni Francis chaired the session and gave comments and valid suggestions. The session lasted till 4.30 P.M..

In room no. 16, Mrs.Fathima Zuhra Panchali, Mr.G.Parthibhan, Binuraj A., and Mr.M.Deviam presented their papers, where Dr.I.Victoria was on the chair. The session lasted till 4.35 P.M.



Accommodation for the resource persons and participants were arranged. Ten participants (6 gents, 4 ladies) availed the facility. Dinner and Breakfast were also provided.


DAY 2 (16/02/2016)

Session 5: Theme Presentation

Dr. I.Victoria Susan, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Andra Pradesh made a key presentation on the topic ‘Ethos and ICT’. The difference between Ethics and Ethos are well explained by her. Cultural diversities and its role in setting techno-mindset, statistics of the usage of social media with special reference to gender in India were presented in an authentic way. It is seen that men in the age group 20-29 are engaging with social media than other groups. Her presentation opened the participants a new area for pondering over and to carry researches in the long run. Time for open discussion was allowed. The session ended at 11.15 A.M.


Short Break for Refreshment

A ten minutes break was arranged. Tea and Snacks were provided to the participants.


Session 6: Paper Presentation (Two Parallel Sessions)

This session had two parallel sessions in room no. 20 and room no. 15.

Priya Gopinath, Aiswarya M., Mohammed Afsal Ali K.T., Mridula K., Sabeena P.S., and Bindu T.V. presented papers. Dr.I.Victoria, who chaired the session, enlightened the presenters with her valid suggestions and comments. Dr. Mridula from N.S.S. Ottappalam honoured Dr.I. Victoria.

At, room no. 15 (ICT lab), Dr.Syed Hayath Basha was on Chair to evaluate the presentations made by Sanjayan, Prasheeda P., Niyas N.M., and Abdul Basith P.P. His expertise in educational research was reflected in the valid suggestions made on the papers.


Session 7: Panel Discussion

A panel of experts including Dr.Sameer Babu M., Dr.Mohammed Basheer K., Dr.Syed Hayath Basha, Blessytha Kamarudheen, and Suneera A. lead the discussion on various trend in ICT enabled teaching-learning. Mrs. Sabeena P.S. moderated the discussion.


Session 8: Paper Presentations (two parallel sessions)

Dr.Syed Hayath Basha chaired the presentations of Leema K.M, Blessytha Kamarudheen, Suneera A, Abdunnazar P.T., Dr. Mohammed Basheer K in room no 20.

Dr.Sameer Babu M. chaired the parallel session held at ICT Lab. Naseema P.K., K.S. Ragini, Anitha Mangad, Anju Krishna K.S., and Rashid C. presented their papers.



All the participants were provided a delicious lunch with a choice of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian.


Session 9: Paper Presentations (two parallel sessions)

Dr.PM.Malini chaired the session of presentations in which Dr.O.P. Salahudheen, Dr.Sameer Babu M., Sethu S Nath, and Muhammedali Palassery Ithikkal  presented their papers.

Dr.Mohammed Basheer K. chaired the others session held at room no. 21. Muhammad Koya Anjath, Muhammad Noushiq P.C., Gopalakrishnan P.P. and Dileep P. presented their papers.


Valedictory Session:

The ICSSR Sponsored Two-Day National Seminar ended by the Valedictory Session held at 4.30 P.M.. Dr.H.Abdul Azeez, Director, AMU Centre, Malappuram presided the session. Mr.Hanees Babu K.T., Principal, MEA Engineering College, Perinthalmanna delivered the Valedictory Address. Mr.Naseerali M.K., Coordinator of the Seminar presented the detailed report of the two-day’s programme. The Chief Guest distributed the certificates duly signed by the Director of the Centre and the Coordinator of the programme. Participants noted their reflections and feedbacks. Mrs.Suneera A. delivered the vote of thanks to the gathering.



The Two-Day programme was systematically organized in 11 different Sessions. There were four theme presentations by the Invited Resource Persons, a panel discussion and 32 paper presentations by Teachers, Research Scholars, Research Supervisors, Research Aspirants and others of academic interest on the theme and subthemes. Active discussions were organized after each session. Facilities for accommodation, food and refreshment, local transportations were arranged by the programme committee.


  1. ICSSR
  2. Director, AMU Centre, Malappuram
  3. Chairman, Dept. of Education, AMU, Aligarh
  4. Vice Chancellor, University of Calicut.
  5. Coordinator, Dept. of Law, AMU Centre, Malappuram
  6. Coordinator, Dept. of Management, AMU Centre, Malappuram
  7. Coordinator, Dept. of Education, AMU Centre, Malappuram
  8. ICT Committee, AMU Centre, Malappuram
  9. Resource Persons
  10. Principal, MEA Engineering College
  11. Participants
  12. Press
  13. R.O, AMU Centre
  14. Various Organizing Commitees
  15. Ed. Students



Naseerali M.K.

(Coordinator of the Seminar)