Positive and Negatives of a Teacher

Some  positive qualities of a teacher are listed below:

  • Assumes ownership for the classroom and the students’ success[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”foundationsofeducationbook” connections=”show” width=”300″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]
  • Uses personal experiences as examples in teaching
  • Understands feelings of students
  • Communicates clearly
  • Admits to mistakes and corrects them immediately
  • Thinks about and reflects on practice
  • Displays a sense of humour
  • Dresses appropriately for the position
  • Maintains confidential trust and respect
  • Is structured, yet flexible and spontaneous
  • Is responsive to situations and students’ needs
  • Enjoys teaching and expects students to enjoy learning
  • Looks for the win-win solution in conflict situations
  • Listens attentively to student questions and comments.
  • Responds to students with respect, even in difficult situations
  • Communicates high expectations consistently
  • Conducts one-on-one conversations with students
  • Treats students equally and fairly
  • Has positive dialogue and interactions with students outside the classroom
  • Invests time with single students or small groups of students outside the classroom
  • Maintains a professional manner at all times
  • Addresses students by name
  • Speaks in an appropriate tone and volume
  • Works actively with students

Some of the negatives of a teacher are listed below:

  • Believes that teaching is just a job
  • Arrives late to school and class on a regular basis
  • Has classroom discipline problems
  • Is not sensitive to a student’s culture or heritage
  • Expresses bias (positive or negative) with regard to students
  • Works on paperwork during class rather than working with students
  • Uses inappropriate language
  • Demeans or ridicules students
  • Exhibits defensive behaviour for no apparent reason
  • Is confrontational with students
  • Lacks conflict resolution skills
  • Does not accept responsibility for what occurs in the classroom



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