Qualities of a Good Teacher


Teaching is a noble profession. What makes the teacher the best, it is his qualities. Certain qualities of a good teacher are mentioned below.

Passion for Teaching:

            A teacher can be a success in his profession as long as he has the passion for teaching. Teachers who do not enjoy their job cannot possibly be effective.

Respects the Students:

            A good teacher, in a classroom values each person’s ideas and opinions. Students feel safe to express their feelings and learn to respect and listen to others. The teacher creates a welcoming learning environment for all students.

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Loves the Subject:

A good teacher not only loves the subject which he teaches but also loves to share that joy with students. He works to update his knowledge and thus students’ too. He has a thirst for knowledge always.

Creates a Sense of Community and Belonging in the Classroom:

The mutual respect in the classroom provides a supportive, collaborative environment. A good teacher lets students know that they can depend not only on him, but also on the entire class. A ‘we’ feeling is developed among the students by the teacher.

Warm, Accessible, Enthusiastic and Caring:

Teacher is approachable, not only to students, but to the parents, colleagues and the society. Students wish to go with their problems or concerns or even to share a funny story. He possesses good listening skills. He cares the students as his own children and makes them hopeful.

Excellent Communicator:

A teacher must be an effective communicator. Not limited to being a skilled communicator to his students although that is must, with parents as well as the colleagues and the society.

Proactive rather than Reactive:

            Intense planning and organization can ultimately make the job less difficult. Teacher who plans ahead, looking for aspects that they might have issues with, and proactively looking for solutions to solve those problems will have less stress on them, than those teachers who wait until a problem arises and then tries to address it.

Uses Variety of Media in Lessons:

            Text books, chalk and board are inevitable parts of teaching. Multimedia aids can enhance the comprehension of facts and concepts. A good teacher uses variety of teaching aids suitable to the content by the lesson. He works for understanding rather than mere knowledge. He even works for the development of various skills that the content demands in the children.

Challenges the Students:

A good teacher challenges every one of his students and maximises his time with them so that they learn more than they ever thought they could learn. He gives challenging situations and problems to the children without making the learning a burden but interesting and helps them to arrive at the solutions. By doing so, students will have a feeling ‘we can’ and thus better self confidence to face the challenges in the long run.

Sets High Expectations for all Students:

Teacher realizes that the expectations he has for his students greatly affect their achievement. He sets his expectations from each and tries to meet them.




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